5 Reasons You’ll Never REALLY Travel

I’m not talking about in-country, through work, honeymoon, or a two- week vacation. I’m talking at least a month long, throwing yourself out to cultures, no tours, all by yourself – wandering.

I know it’s not for everyone, I know. But, there are many of you who have this compelling urge to take the leap and go backpacking.


You see the blogs, the pictures, the magazines… but never yourself in them. Why?

Many reasons are holding you back, and you may not even realize it…

1.You are afraid of going alone


This is understandable. Being alone in a foreign place is hard, and sometimes dangerous. You’ve heard the stories, and they’ve scared you enough to keep you in one place. But you must know that danger lives all around you, you can’t put yourself in a bubble. Enjoy living on the edge a little bit. You gain so much from it. Trust me, you won’t be alone if you don’t want to be, but it’s also the best time to be alone and realize exactly what that means (time to think).

2. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

You’re making excuses for why you can’t rather than why you shouldn’t.

“I don’t have the money to”

“I don’t have the time”

“Now is not the right time”

“I have children”

“I can’t just pick up and leave”

Yes of course there are legit reasons why you can’t go at this time but very few reasons actually debilitate you from realizing a dream. This goes for many aspects of life.

People do travel with children. You can’t go right now, but you can start saving right now, and pick a good time (Kudos to those who will).

There are very real ways to shift your life to make your dreams your reality.

3. You lack curiosity


It has been largely my curiosity that has driven me to venture around the world. I want to know what’s out there. I want to be in my home one day and know what’s going on in the lives I’ve hugged and learned from. I wanted to know what the sunrise and sunset looks like around the world, now I know. My curiosity for languages, culture, and people have driven me immeasurably. If it doesn’t drive you to travel- you probably aren’t curious enough for it.

4. You have no idea where to start


Believe it or not, this is a problem for a lot of people. For me… I was always interested in different cultures. My grandmother is from Germany and we still have family there, and my stepmother is from Russia. I always looked at pictures and read stories of places far away. The more pictures I saw the more I wanted to go and see it first-hand. Figuring out travel isn’t exactly easy, at least not in the way I intended to travel. But reading blog upon blog upon article upon tourism site… I figured the best thing to do other than to continue reading was to simply do it.

5. You don’t actually want to travel

If you truly want to do it, you can find a way. Otherwise, I simply don’t believe you.

We each have our own way. My way was an escape, truly. You have to decide why you want to do it and be honest with yourself about it, how much you want it, what you want to do with it, and where you want the journey to take you. You’ll figure it out, I did.


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